Fresh Year and a Fresh Start

I was reading in Genesis 8 this morning (you know, started a plan to read the Bible in 2020) and noticed that when Noah and his crew landed on dry ground it was the first day of the first month – so basically 1/1 in whatever year. This caused me to think that maybe God likes us having a fresh start. He gave the first family after the flood a new beginning on 1/1.

I wonder what you might be thinking about in the new year – some call them resolutions, priorities, changes, goals, etc. Whatever you call it, have you paused at least to think about how a fresh beginning might be in order for you? A simple reset perhaps on some of the goals you have in front of you. Maybe realign priorities or how you spend your time.

I think it is always good to look at your own life, but also challenge those who work close with you, maybe your spouse or your kids. How can you help them think through these goals? 

I am excited about a fresh start in my life. Often January seems dreary, cold weather, cloudy days, but it’s the reset that is encouraging my spirit. An intentional focus on doing some new things in my daily life to create a good rhythm for 2020. Make a list, pray over it, really spend some quiet time thinking about where you want to be on 1/1/2021, track your progress and celebrate your victory.

God bless you in 2020.

Scott Mills – Chief Engagement Officer and Owner – Engage Media Partners

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