6 Faith Films to Bring Home for the Holidays

  1. OVERCOMER – From the creators of the #1 box-office hit, WAR ROOM, life changes overnight for coach John Harrison (Alex Kendrick) after he loses his basketball team and is challenged by the school’s principal, Olivia (Priscilla Shirer), to coach a new sport he doesn’t know or like. As John questions his own worth, he dares to help the least likely runner take on the biggest race of the year. Filled with a powerful mix of faith, humor, and heart, this inspirational story will have you on the edge of your seat.

2. EMANUEL – Featuring intimate interviews with survivors and family members, EMANUEL is a poignant story of justice and faith, love and hate, examining the healing power of forgiveness.

3. The Pilgrim’s Progress – An epic journey, faithfully adapted to modern-day. Christian faces distractions, challenges, and perils at every turn of the way. But ends victorious, with helpful guides, as he stays on the narrow path to the distant Celestial City.

4. UNASHAMED – Chonda Pierce – Chonda takes a journey into the hearts of the faithful as she engages some of the boldest believers in America. Newsboys frontman Michael Tait, Mike Huckabee, Danny Gokey, the Benham Brothers and others tell their stories of speaking truth to our culture…no matter the consequences. 

5. PALAU : THE MOVIE – This is a true story of a man who was born in a small town in Argentina, committed his whole life to the works of the Lord and embarked on an incredible journey becoming one of the greatest evangelists in history.

6. Skid Row Marathon – A Los Angeles Judge starts a running club on Skid Row
and helps its members get a second chance at life
as they battle their addictions.

Did you know you can find these films on Amazon.. yep! All of them. If you’d like to purchase the film somewhere else… click (above) on the movie for more details.

These films have inspired me this year each in a different way. I hope you are able to bring them into your home or use them as an uplifting gift this holiday season.

Matlyn Spillers – Project Coordinator – Engage Media Partners

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