I STILL BELIEVE Inspires a Generation

Since the beginning of 2017, KJ Apa has been a teenage icon. After the air of the pilot of ‘Riverdale’ Apa blew up. Teen girls all over the world were swooning over the actor. And I would know because I was one of them. 

With Apa starring as Jeremy Camp in I Still Believe, I believe that it will draw young people to the film. KJ already has a massive fan following from ‘Riverdale’ and so many people already look up to him. 

I believe that because KJ is starring in the film people will go see it because of his influence. They will expect to see one of their favorite actors in a movie, but hopefully walk out experiencing life change from hearing about how God has used Jeremy Camp’s life story for his glory. Apa isn’t known for working in the faith film industry and I think because he has never done something like this, people are going to want to see his performance in the film. Your chance to see KJ Apa in I Still Believe is March 20, 2020. Check out istillbelievemovie.com for more details.

Shelby Mills – Guest Student Blogger – Engage Media Partners

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