A global blackout occurs and a few prominent things in society go missing, leaving one man who remembers those things to profit BIG TIME.

Doesn’t that storyline just suck you in? That’s Yesterday. I loved this film so much for many reasons. I’m going to share a few with you. But I warn you, there will be spoilers.

Jack is a struggling musician who has already spent years of his life playing the local dives and trying to convince people that he has the “it factor”. One night after a lackluster crowd showed up to watch his set at a festival, he decides he’s done with it all, he’s going to give up on his dream and focus on getting a real job. Enter Ellie, his manager who has secretly had a crush on him for a long time. She is sunny and sweet and believes in Jack, even when he doesn’t believe in himself. Even though Jack likes Ellie, he can’t see past his own failures long enough to realize that she’s in love with him. On the night Jack decides he’s done with music forever, the blackout occurs.

Not long after, Ellie gives Jack a new guitar and he begins to play a song on it. He plays The Beatles’ “Yesterday.” His friends just stare at him, dumbfounded, not believing how beautiful the song is. Jack is confused why everyone is acting so surprised because of course it’s a great song, it’s the Beatles! He thinks they are making a joke at his expense when they tell him they’ve never heard the song or heard of The Beatles! Later, Jack searches on the internet and sees that there is no Beatles, they never existed. Slowly, Jack begins to realize that if no one knows about the Beatles, then no one knows their infamous song collection. He then formulates a plan to start playing Beatles songs and claiming them as his own, which leads him to inevitable fame and fortune. Through a series of events he ends up discovering that fame and fortune aren’t all they are cracked up to and that nothing is worth sacrificing his integrity.

There’s nothing all that shocking that happens, not a lot of crazy twists and turns, just a sweet story with a pure heart. The film leans heavily on the truth that the simple joys are what life is all about. (SPOILER) Jack finally wakes up and realizes that Ellie loves him for who he is. He marries her, they have a family and live a normal full life. Jack also comes clean on stage in front of thousands of people and confesses his big lie. He learns that telling the truth is of paramount importance to be able to look at yourself in the mirror with a clean conscience.

The basic fundamentals the film portrays about ordinary life being full of joy and love just left me happy. I found this film to be sentimentally lovely, funny, thoughtful and endearing. Not to mention there is tons of great Beatles music throughout!

Jack is played by Himesh Patel, who was a refreshing new face to see on the big screen and I’m already excited to see what he does next. Lily James is precious as Ellie and you can’t help but fall in love with her infectious joy. There’s even a fun multi-scene cameo by Ed Sheeran, who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Yesterday is my top pick of the films I’ve seen so far this summer! Check it out!

Angi Flatt – Project Manager – Engage Media Partners

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