How to Reach your Community with Video and Social Media

These days, it seems that most churches are on some kind of social network. For the most part, their social media followers are members or frequent attenders of the church. Not many people from the community engage on the church social media or even see a reason why they would.

Take some time to assess the content your church shares. Spend some time as a team thinking about how you can create content to reach beyond the church family. What kind of post speak to you and would make you want to follow someone on social media? What kind of stories do you want to read or watch?

I follow many churches on social media. I find much of the content to be a video of the Pastor sharing a spiritual thought or an excerpt from a sermon. Or it could be  a meme of their upcoming VBS, or other events. While there is nothing wrong with this to engage the congregation, it rarely reaches beyond that.

What if you created videos showing how your church is impacting the community? Maybe you have a small group that is working on the landscape at the local elementary school – you could tell this story. People care about things outside of the church, this will show there is more to your church. Think about other ways your church is serving around you and let others know. This could be what engages someone that does not attend your church to follow you on social media. That would lead them to watching a video that might bring them into the door of your church.

Use your social media as more than a way to share information. The people in your community are already there, so it is a great place to reach them. Have fun!

Scott Mills – Chief Engagement Officer – Owner – Engage Media Partners

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