The Desire for Community

We are in need of community, today, more than ever before. During my studies, I lived oversees and attended an international college. I had the privilege of traveling and interacting with different types of cultures and people groups, from diverse parts of the world. Regardless of background or heritage, I found one commonality, in each of us; the desire for community. We are all looking for a way to connect and build relationships. Whether we find that difficult or easy,  I believe we were all created for community and desire connection with others.

While in college, my closest friend worked at a local theater and she would often grab a bunch of tickets for me and a few friends to go together (it was allowed). But looking back on the great times we had, it got me thinking… movies are a great way to build community.

Whether it’s you and a friend or a group of people. Here are three ways watching films creates community:

1.  A story is portrayed

 Through story we relate. A good movie always has a sense of relatability for its audience. We sit down, in one room, and are engaged to feel and share similar emotions, within that 1-2hrs. We can all relate to one another through the power of story.

2.  Food is involved

A majority of times when I go to the movies I like to grab food before or after a movie with whomever I am seeing the movie with. And of course, I don’t hesitate to have some popcorn and amazing candy selection, at the theater.

3.    Conversation starters

“So what did you think?”, “that was soooo good!!”, or a recent favorite conversation starter, “I am so sorry I cannot believe I took you to see that, I am so embarrassed!”, said by my close friend’s mom. 

No matter the movie, it’s always followed by dialogue, the sharing of opinions and often times of laughter. This week look for ways to get together and prepare for the weekend. A movie is a great option! I hope this inspires you to grab some food, enjoy each other’s company, and build community with those around you!

Matlyn Spillers – Project Coordinator – Engage Media Partners