Why we are starting a Blog at Engage

Could there be more blogs in the marketplace? I guess the answer is YES because here is a brand new one. Here are a few reasons why the team at Engage is staring this blog

1. We think we have some insight that will make your life better.

2. Our team is diverse and might have some views on some interesting topics related to our marketing work – this is a team blog and you will hear from several people on our team.

3. Information makes us better – and we have some great info to share on the projects we get to work on. Movies, Resources, Events, and more.

4. We want to interact with Church leaders. We hope our blog posts are conversations going both ways, not just us shouting our thoughts at you.

We hope this blog becomes a fun and engaging part of your day.

Scott Mills -Chief Engagement Officer and Owner – Engage Media Partners

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