Why movies are important to your life…

Have you ever watched a movie or heard the name of one that takes you back to a particular time in your history? When I think of the movie “Back To The Future” it reminds me of being a Sophomore in High School and what was happening in my life at that time. In a way movies are kind of a timeline of life.

In my opinion, we need movies, they do something for our imagination, connect with our emotions, and to inspire us to something greater. Here are a few reasons why movies are important to our lives…

1. We are a bunch of stressed out people. We need a 2-hour vacation whenever we can get one. Going to a movie is like putting life on pause for a minute, giving you a chance to escape and take a break.

2. God made us to connect with stories. He used them in the Bible many times sharing parables to connect truth to those He was teaching.

3. Movies provide an occasion for community and conversation. Going with friends or even engaging in debate over who the best Avenger is creates fun connection.

You might have other reasons why Movies are important to life; I encourage you to go as often as you can to see a story unfold on the big screen.

Scott Mills – Chief Engagement Officer and Owner – Engage Media Partners

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