Daily Routines

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine”

What comes to mind when you read this? 

For me, it gave me hope. I enjoy putting things in my routine and sticking to them. But sometimes I lose sight of how it will be beneficial long term, which makes me doubt whether it really matters. You might have had the opposite reaction and it gave you no hope. You might have rolled your eyes and thought, “Ehh routines.”

Whether this was a hopeful statement or one you would like to work on, here are three things I’d like to share that can be ‘hidden’ in your daily routine.

            1. Writing things down

You know the “notes’ app on your phone? I used to wonder why I needed it, and now I don’t go long without using it. It is important to write down your thoughts and ideas during the day. In my notes, I have several folders, which has helped me, over the years, process my thinking. Even if I never go back to them, sometimes its just great to get the idea down.

            2. Do things even when you don’t want to do them

When it would be easier to walk past the trash, just pick it up. Taking the time to help someone. Or even deciding to be patient in a moment where you would rather move on. This trains your brain to react in a positive way, which will produce awareness to the areas that you would like to improve and develop, within yourself. 

            3. Continually choose the healthier decisions

Our futures depend heavily on the wellness of our bodies. Incorporating healthy choices in your daily routine is important for the improvement of your health. Every little step towards healthier decisions is a step forward, and it is better than no steps at all. Drinking more water, getting outside, or making sure your dinner plate is colorful are some small steps that I keep an eye on and try to include into my daily routine.

Practicing these 3 points has helped me become the person I want to be, daily, as well as for the future. What is one thing in your daily routine you can do differently, this week?

Matlyn Spillers – Project Coordinator – Engage Media Partners

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  1. Angi Flatt says:

    Thank you for these words of wisdom! 🙂

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